SELENIUM Programs for Interview :-

# FindElement:


# FindElements:


  • driver.get(“URL”);
  • driver.getTitle();
  • driver.getCurrentUrl();
  • driver.getPageSource();
  • driver.manage().window().maximize();


  • driver.close();
  • driver.quit();


Ways to Handle Drag and Drop :-

  1. Drag and Drop using dragAndDrop method.
  2. DragandDrop using clickAndHold, moveToElement and release method.


1. Drag and Drop using dragAndDrop method:


2. DragandDrop using clickAndHold, moveToElement and release method: 

1. Handle Mouse Buttons Using Robot class.


2. Program to Scroll Mouse Using Robot class.


3. Take ScreenShot Using Robot class.

  • id 
  • xpath 
  • name 
  • className 
  • tagName 
  • linkText 
  • partialLinkText 
  • cssSelector


  • driver.navigate().to(“URL”);
  • driver.navigate().back();
  • driver.navigate().forward();
  • driver.navigate().refresh();


  • Clear Command
  • Click Command
  • Submit Command
  • IsDisplayed Command
  • IsEnabled Command
  • IsSelected Command


  • Java and Selenium are the best automation tools for QA. And these skills are essential for each QA engineer involved in test automation.
  • Therefore, Above programs, we are presenting a set of Selenium programs to help test automation developers during job interviews.

Selenium Programs for Interview :-  Navigation in Selenium,Close and Quit Driver in Selenium,Verify title in Selenium,Launch Firefox Browser,Launch Chrome Browser,Launch Safari Browser,Launch IE Explorer,Launch HtmlUnitDriver Headless Browser,Browser Commands,WebElement Commands,FindElement and FindElements,Locators,Checkbox and Radio Button,DropDown and Multi Select Box,Select All Checkboxes,Dynamic WebTable,Handle Calendar / JQuery Date Picker,Assert and Verify,Absolute and Relative Xpath,ImplicitWait,Thread,Sleep,WebDriver Wait,FluentWait,PageLoadTimeout Command,setScriptTimeout Command,Handle Newly Open Window,Handle Alert and Popup,Window Tab,Handle iFrame,Handle Drag and Drop,Mouse Hover,Right Click,Double Click,Handle ToolTip,Handle KeyBoard Events,Handle Events Using RobotClass,Capture Screenshot,Handle Events Using JavaScriptExecutor,Scroll Page using JavaScriptExecutor class,Scroll Down and Scroll Up page using Robot Class,Scroll Down and Scroll Up page Using Actions Class,Desired Capability,Handle Cookie in Selenium. Frequently Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers and 50 Most Popularly Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers and The Best Selenium Interview Questions & Answers Top Selenium Interview Question and Answers for 2019

Selenium Programs for Interview Selenium Programs for Interview Selenium Programs for Interview