Class in Java

  • A class in java is declared using class keyword.
  • A class is a group of objects that has common properties. It is a template or blueprint from which objects are created.
  • When we create a class in java, the first step is to define keyword class and then name of the class.
  • Next is class body which starts with curly braces { } which enclose property and methods of the class in java.
  • Class is a user described blueprint or prototype from which objects are created.
  • It represents the set of properties or methods which might be common to all objects.


Class declaration include below additives, in order:

  1. Modifiers : a class may be public or has default access.
  2. class name : The name should begin with a initial letter.
  3. body: The class in java body surrounded via braces { }.


Syntax of class:

Example: Simple Class Program [Area of Rectangle]


Object in Java

  • In realworld, we see many objects round us like automobilesdogs, cats and so onthese kinds of objects have a state and a behavior.
  • An object is an instance of a class.
  • If you compare the software object with a real-world object in java , they have very similar characteristics.
  • A class provides the blueprints for objects. So basically an object is created from a class. In Java the new keyword is used to create new object in java.
  • It’s miles a basic unit of object orientated Programming and represents the real existence entities.
  • An average Java program creates many objects, which as you already knowhave interaction by way of invoking strategies.


An object includes :

  • state it’s represented by attributes of an object. It additionally reflects the properties of an object.
  • behavior it’s represented by means of methods of an object in java. It also reflects the reaction of an object with other objects.
  • identity : It gives a completely unique name to an object and allows one object to have interaction with different items.


Syntax to create new object: