About me & (stqatools.com)



  • Myself Sandeep i am an IT professional by education.

  • I am passionate about Automation tools.

  • I completed by BE from Pune University India.

  • Initially i Started my Career as a Manual cum Automation Tester.

  • I went through my Career – > Manual Tester > Automation tester.

  • I recently started working on stqatools.com website from 2017 with an intention to make Selenium | Java | TstNG learning easy and simple to Fresher level as well as Experienced Level learners.

  • When i was started my Career as a Automation Test Engineer using Selenium | Java i face lots of issues related to that at fresher Level so i decide to develop a website to help Everyone Tester.

  • I’m also Intermediate Level so, Please do share your experiences and feedback that will help me in improving the content so it will be help every reader.

  • Looking forward to meet you can connect with me on LinkedIn.