Selenium WebDriver Tutorials Overview


  • Selenium is a browser automation tool that is commonly used to write end-to-end tests of web applications.
  • Selenium remains the most widely used test automation tool even after the invention of several other software testing tools.
  • This is an open-source project, which has been released under the Apache 2.0 license so that you can download and use it without charge.
  • Learning and working with it is very easy.


Selenium WebDriver Compatibility


  • It is compatible with many browsers and operating systems, apart from it also supports many programming languages.
  • The Selenium Project produces various tools for automation testing such as Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control (RC), Selenium Grid and Selenium 2.0 and WebDriver.
  • Selenium is a web application test framework that allows you to write tests in many programming languages such as Java, C #, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
  • Selenium deployed on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Why Selenium for Automation


  • Selenium is an open-source device that is easy to download and easy to use.
  • Provide web-based testing automation tools and provide cross-browser testing in many environments.
  • It is able to create and execute test cases against different browsers eg: Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Safari etc …
  • write scripts using many programming languages eg: Java, .NET, PHP, Pearl, Python, Ruby etc…
  • The test is capable of executing scripts in many operating environments to create and execute test cases eg: MS Windows, Unix, and Macintosh etc…
  • Data Driven Testing to Enhance Reliability, Able to Support Cross Browser Testing.
  • WebDriver supports parallel test execution using TestNG to complete many tasks at one time.


Advantages of Selenium


  • This is an open source tool with supports all operating systems.
  • It supports almost all browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari.
  • Supports programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python. PHP, Dot Net, and C#.
  • Multiple tests can run simultaneously.

Types of Selenium Components


  1. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  2. Selenium 1 / Selenium RC or Remote Control
  3. The Selenium Grid
  4. The Selenium WebDriver Tutorials


Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment):

  • Selenium IDE is the Firefox Browser plugin.
  • Developers can be used to write simple tests and not get any programming experience to familiarize with selenese commands.
  • The Selenium IDE is a simple but powerful Firefox extension that gives users the record and replay/playback of browser interaction as test cases.


Selenium 1 / Selenium RC or Remote Control:

  • It supports all browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
  • Required to start the server before executing the test script.
  • This is a standalone Java program that allows you to run HTML test suites.


The Selenium Grid:

  • The Selenium Grid is a server that allows tests to use web browser instances running on a remote machine.
  • This allows the Selenium RC solution to be scaled for large test suits and for test suits that should be run in many environments.
  • Tests can be run in parallel with parallel execution (different tests on different remote machines).
  • It allows you to run your tests in a distributed test execution environment.
  • Many browsers, many versions of the browser, and are used to run their tests against browsers running on different operating systems.


The Selenium WebDriver:

  • Selenium WebDriver supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, opera, Ghost Driver, headless HTMLunit Browser etc…
  • Selenium supports many programming languages like Java, C #, Ruby, Net, Python, and Pearl.
  • It works on various operating systems like Windows, OSX or Linux platforms in Selenium WebDriver Tutorials
  • The Selenium WebDriver connects directly with the browser and there is no need for a server.

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