Overview of TestNG for Selenium


TestNG Testing Framework:

  • TestNG is an advance framework designed to take advantage of the benefits of both the developer and the testers.
  • TestNG is an open source framework that is distributed under the Apache software license and is easily available for download.
  • Due to its advance facilities, TestNG is considered to be better than JUnit.


Features of TestNG:

  • Support for Annotations.
  • There is no need to create a test suite for advance performance mechanism.
  • Support for Parameters.
  • Support for data driven testing with the help of data providers.
  • Setting execution priorities for test methods.
  • Supports threat safe environments while executing multiple threads.
  • Easily supports integration with various tools and plug-ins such as construction equipment (ant, maven etc), integrated development environment (eclipse).
  • Using reportNG makes the user comfortable with the effective medium of report generation.


Advantages of TestNG:

  • TestNG annotation test cases are easy to make.
  • Test cases can be grouped and get prioritized more easily.
  • Supports Parameterization.
  • Supports data driven testing using Dataproviders.
  • Generates HTML reports.
  • Parallel test execution is possible.
  • Easily supports integration with other devices and plugins such as Eclipse IDE, build Tools Ant, Maven etc. …