Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineer:


A key role within the testing center excellence, the test automation engineer is responsible for automating the test effort as much as possible.

However, to get the maximum return on the automation investment, determining what the automated should be and in which order should be.


Common Manual / Automation Testing Roles are:

  • Manual Test Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • QA Analyst
  • Software Development Engineer in Test
  • API Tester
  • Performance Test Engineer
  • Database Tester
  • Back End Tester


Roles and Responsibilities of Manual Test Engineer: 

  • Understanding the Software Requirements specification document.
  • After learning how the end user will use the appliance with the flow.
  • Make test cases with user stories or test scenarios.
  • Perform test case execution with scenarios.
  • If the defect is found, then report it to the developer and fix it.
  • Where fault is found, re-test there.
  • Make sure the application is the free defect.
  • Send the test report to test lead.


Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineer:

  • Selection or identification of test cases for automation from existing test case documentation.
  • Applying Designing and Test Automation Strategy Document
  • Creating an automation test plan and getting approval.
  • Configure Selenium Test Environment for setup(ex: Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG etc.).
  • Participation in Selenium Environmental Setup with IDE.
  • Automation framework design and implementation according to project structure.
  • Creating, Enhancing, Debugging and Running Test Cases.
  • Organizing, monitoring defect management process Handling changes and conducting regression tests.
  • Find solutions for issues related to object identity issues and error handling.
  • Coordination of the members of the Test team and the development team to solve the issues.
  • Interaction with the people of the client side to solve problems and update the situation.
  • Create a software defect tracking report entire project release status to stakeholders.


Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineer


Roles and Responsibilities of API Automation test Engineer:

  • Must be able to use all web methods like GET, PUT, POST, DELETE etc.
  • Validate feedback, response time, error code.
  • Able to validate xml and json body using json parser.
  • Know how to use the OAuth and OAuth2 authentication mechanisms.
  • Able to Load and Security testing on web services.
  • Able to read and understand API documents.
  • Able to get a good number of test cases and scenarios.
  • To validate API and DB data elements, SQL queries should be good.


Roles and Responsibilities of Performance test Engineer:

  • Conduct performance system testing to verify system scalability, efficiency and reliability.
  • Coordinate with the testing team to develop performance test plans and cases.
  • Analyze the test results and coordinate with the development teams for bug fixes.
  • Create a test summary report for management review.
  • Analyze the underlying causes of performance issues and provide corrective action.
  • Organize job training and provide assistance to junior test engineers as needed.
  • Suggest new tools and techniques to improve test efficiency.
  • Help in project planning, scheduling, budget and tracking activities.
  • Provide assistance in project design, development and deployment activities.
  • Develop an automated test scenario and environment for performance testing.
  • Review and recommend improvements in existing test procedures.


The role of Test Automation Engineer (Test Engineer) is to design, create, test and deploy effective test automation solutions for software.

In order to fulfill this role, automation engineer implements the appropriate automation techniques to meet the short and long-term goals of the testing organization with accuracy.

With the minimum set of objective codes / scripts, automate the testing effort as much as possible within minimum amount of time.

The test of coverage should be kept in mind without testing the test.

For example, if the preparation process for the manual test case or manual test consumes large scale testing resources, then this manual process should be automated first on priority.

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