Basic Overview of Selenium WebDriver


Four Components of Selenium:

  1. Selenium IDE.
  2. Selenium RC (Remote Control).
  3. Selenium Webdriver.
  4. Selenium Grid.


  • Advantages of Selenium Web Driver.
  • Limitations of Selenium.
  • Selenium Web Driver language support.
  • Selenium WebDriver Browser support.
  • Selenium WebDriver Operating System support.


  • Download Install for Eclipse Setup.
  • Download Selenium Webdriver.
  • Add Selenium Jar Files into Eclipse.
  • Download Third Party Browser Driver e.g(Gecko, Chrome etc…).


WebDrivers for different browsers: FirefoxDriver() for Firefox browser, ChromeDriver() for Google Chrome, SafariDriver() for Safari Browser, InternetExplorerDriver for Internet Explorer etc.


Browser Commands in Selenium: Get ,Get Title, Get Text, Get Current URL, Get Page Source, Close, Quit, Maximize, Minimize Commands.


Navigation Commands in Selenium:

  • Move back : Driver.Navigate().Back();
  • forward : Driver.Navigate().Forward();
  • Refresh page : Driver.Navigate().Refresh();


Types of Locator’s:

  • Id
  • ClassName
  • LinkText
  • PartialLinkText
  • Name
  • TagName
  • CssSelector
  • XPath